All Natal Originals are manufactured to the same high standard of quality using the same fittings throughout. All ranges of Original wood shells use quality tone woods with sharp, even 45° bearing edges for brighter overtones and effective sustain.

All Original wood bearing edges are hand finished with bees wax. The plies have staggered butt joints and the shells have an excellent interior surface which remains untreated for a smooth, silky finish – the finer a shell’s inside finish the greater the resonance.

Every Natal Original drum carries an impressive heavy die-cast badge – two on each hanging tom for maximum effect – which incorporates not only the Natal name but also the iconic ‘Sun’ logo. Each Natal Original bass drum carries a wood identification badge too. Like all Natal Original shell fittings badges are insulated by a rubber plinth for optimum resonance.   

Originals Series range

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