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The Spirit kit is designed and built to the same high standards as Natal Originals; it is produced in the same factory using British designs, and is subject to British quality control. Yet Spirit kits and hardware, like Spirit congas, are more affordable while still offering non-generic designs, excellent build quality and a selection of great finishes, with extended hardware options.

The Spirit Series is available in three shell configurations: Fusion, US Fusion and Fusion X. There is also a wide range of individual shells; so you can add to your set configuration, or create your own custom kit. There are two levels to the Spirit Series – Custom Birch and Kauri.

Spirit Kauri is available in three quality wrap finishes: classic Solid Black and Solid White, and Limited Edition Scarlet Sparkle.

Spirit Custom Birch comes in three fantastic stain finishes: Ochre, Cerulean Blue and Black Cherry.

Note: The image above shows the Spirit kit with Standard Hardware.

Finishes available across this series

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